• No Equipment Cost; the only equipment needed to run the RT24 programs are 5, 10 & 15 kg weight plates.

  • Time Efficient; each workout lasts around 24 minutes, allowing the classes to completed in under 40 minutes.
  • Maximise Capacity; Each participant will need a 2×2 m square to operate within, allowing you to maximise studio space and allow for larger class numbers.

  • No PRS/PPL; RT24 produce their own music to accompany each workout and the cost of this is included in the monthly subscription.
  • CIMPSA Accredited; The RT24 program has been accredited by CIMPSA and has been awarded 6 CPD points


  • Coach-Led; in each RT24 workout the coach is left to coach the participants throughout the workout, it is NOT a front-led class
  • Resources; with each workout you will receive a written script, a coaching video and an MP3 download of the workout.
  • Variation; you get access to the library of over 50 workouts and you receive 2 NEW workouts each month.
  • CIMPSA Accredited; you will receive 6 CPD points on completion of the course.
  • Time Efficient; you will require no setup or prep time for the class, simply warm the class up, press play on your mp3 player and get going.


  • Build Muscle; the workouts are designed to build muscle by using low weight/high rep range exercises to fatigue the muscle groups.
  • Burn Calories; by using the HIIT principle and working the full body, we get to maximise calorie burn in the 24 minutes.
  • Variation; not only do we offer 2 different programs but dozens of different workouts in each program.

  • Community; due to the competitive element within the workouts, there becomes a strong community within RT24.
  • Time Efficient; including warm up and cool down, the class shouldn’t take any longer than 40 minutes.


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“When qualified as an RT24 coach you get access to two different programs, RT24 Burn and RT24 Power. Within each separate program there are dozens of different workouts. This allows so much variation when planning the class timetable for the week. We run four RT24 workouts each week and our members don’t ever do the same workout in a 4 month period. This anticipation of what workout they are coming into keeps them interested and always coming back for more. Our classroom space holds 28 and we always have members on the reserve list for the RT24 workouts.”

Ruth Fields, Fitness Manager, Core Gym

The RT24 program is accredited by CIMPSA and has been awarded 6 CPD points