Have you got what it takes to become an RT24 Plate Master?

Take part in the inaugural RT24 Plate Master Competition 2018!

In 2018 RT24 will be running its first ever Plate Master Competition.

There will be 3 qualifying workouts, each 6 mins long. The top 24 from each category (male and female) will win a place in the semi-finals and final at Irish Muscle Power 2018. Entry will cost £15, if you qualify in the top 24 then this will include your Irish muscle power ticket and other goodies.

On purchase you will receive a PDF entry form to fill in. On completion please email the form to info@relentlesstraining24.com

Qualifying Videos

24 Reps Of GTOH Press Ups Burpees Over Plate Plate Hurdles Lunges Hindu Squats Thrusters Burpees Bent Over Row

3 exercises | 6 Minutes starting at 1 and building to 12 Lunges Overhead press Plate Floor To Sky