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What Is RT24?

RT24 is a subscription based training program that coaches can use for timetabled classes, bootcamps, group PTs, or even 1:1 PT sessions. It has been developed from the 3 tried and tested forms of training: Resistance, Functionality and HIIT

Each month the subscription will give the coach access to 2 New tracks, one Body Weight HIIT track and one Resistance Based HIIT track. With each track you will receive: An MP3 music track which also includes a voiceover which cues the exercises, a coaching video showing each exercise and how it should be performed, and a script to help show how the class should flow.

Benefits For Personal Trainers

14 REPs Points, YMCA Endorsed

2 tracks a Month for £15.00

Music licence (PRS) is covered within the monthly cost

Plug’n’Play allows the PT to coach during the class and NOT take the class. This allows the PT to interact more easily with their clients and they won’t get burnt out taking classes, which then enables them to focus on and help clients with technique

The class is easy to set up with very little equipment required, the PT doesn’t have to spend time planning and designing the class. This is all done for them, therefore allowing more time with clients.

  • First to Market, the designated centres will be early adopters to exclusively promote RT24 for a period of time prior to an official national launch to additional centres
  • Each centre will be required to have 2 members of staff trained.  This would normally cost £250.00 per person but we will initially cover this cost and come to the centre to facilitate the training.
  • The cost of the course for the centre to run is £40.00 per person
  • We will assist with the marketing required to launch RT24 and give additional assistance going forward. Periodically we will conduct a marketing review, and each centre can have access to our marketing manager.
  • We will produce a marketing pack for the Centres to give to the PT’s. This will allow the PT to market RT24 in their own personal Facebook Site, Instagram,  Gym Web Page etc.
  • We will help with any additional training requirements. Again we intend to review training every 3 months and they will have full access to our training team to help in any way.
  • RT24 is a 2 day course worth 16 REP points and is YMCA endorsed.
  • RT24 has the capability of taking a large number in classes within your facility

  • Cost effective to get started. The only expense is purchasing of 5kg , 10kg and 15kg plates. Most gyms will already have these.

  • No PRS licence needed to run the classes

  • Classes last between 35-40 minutes. This means you pay a PT for 40 minutes not a hours class.

  • Easy to set up, and easy to cover a class

Downloads + Resources

RT24 Keynote

RT24 Powerpoint

RT24 Rounds

RT24 Exercises

Free Track - Pressure Resistance

Watch the Pressure Resistance instructional video here – and click the button below to download your music track and guide

If you’d like to start your RT24 journey, fill in the contact form and one of our team will be in touch with you soon